SMI 2016

SMI 2016 will be a joint international medical project for MCO campuses. The project will include students from campuses across the Southeast. The location for this two week project will be announced at the first of October. Students will have the opportunity to work side by side with christian medical professional.

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  • Dates: June 11-26
  • Cost: TBA
  • Deadline: January 31

Summer Medical Institute (SMI)

The first Summer Medical Institute began in 1993 providing vaccinations to under-served areas of Philadelphia. These early SMIs played an important role in the founding of MCO. Several of the medical students on these first SMI project would go on to become the leadership of MCO for the next 20 years. God continues to call leaders through the experience of the SMI both within MCO and abroad. We are asked often why we keep this dated name. It is because of this rich history that the SMI continues.

In 1998, MCO transitioned SMI to international locations. Trips range in length from one to two weeks. SMI projects are strategically designed for the development of students and to model the discipleship that forms MCO throughout the year. The students have the opportunity to work along side christian medical professionals.

Ultimately, SMI projects seek to help students to develop a deeper understanding of the mission of the church, the call to the nations and the implications for their lives. Students are challenged to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and in doing so be better equipped to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their community through the power of the gospel.